Share a Pony scheme - fun for parents and children

Pony funWe are delighted that you are considering sharing one of our fabulous ponies for your child, here are Kingston Riding Centre!  We offer 1, 3, 6 and 12 month sharing arrangements.

This scheme is aimed at riders from as young as 2.5 years up to 8 years.  If your child is older, please call or email us and we will talk you through a different sharing scheme. A unique and fun experience that is different to the normal riding school formal lessons.  Your child instead, will be able to love, care, ride and most importantly bond with their very own pony. This is fantastic for their equine care, confidence and development and a great introduction to the world of horses.  What more could your pony mad child wish for!

And….what better way to learn all those important equine skills then to be nestled amongst 30 acres of beautiful countryside with bridlepaths on our doorstep and two riding arenas (one indoors for those stormy days).

Please see below a brief guide on what we offer and the next steps to achieving your little ones’ equestrian dream.

What we Offer

To make our sharing schemes safe and open to all levels, we have devised three different options as below.


Option One

Supervised Sharing – Each session is 1.5 hrs, once weekly

This scheme is for our non-horsey and beginner families.  You and your child will learn all aspects of pony care and riding under the supervision with a member of KRC staff and within a group of up to 6 children.  These sessions will be run on a Saturday and Sunday and offered within a specific time slot.


Option Two

Bespoke Sharing – Slots to be agreed

Experienced Bespoke:-

This scheme is for our families who have had previous equine/riding experience and therefore are comfortable to take care of their pony independently.  These sessions can run from Tuesday to Sunday and, if available, can include joining in with the supervised group sessions.  A lovely added option for even more pony fun with friends!

Please note, to qualify for this, a 30-minute assessment trial will be required prior to entering a sharing arrangement.  

Beginner Bespoke:-

We offer the same as above but with a member of KRC staff to supervise your sessions. No assessment trial is needed. However, once you have gained enough experience and confidence, we will be happy for you to be independent without supervision of our KRC staff.

Sibling Sharing:-

Is for families who have children who fall in-between our age group categories and covers both experienced and beginner families. We understand that it might not be practical to come once in the morning and again in the afternoon for both children to have their fun!  

If this is the case for you then we can offer you the following:

·       Bespoke sharing

     You decide on what day and time would work best for your family (to be
     agreed with KRC).


.    Sibling sharing Sessions


Join our group sessions especially designed for siblings of all ages and abilities.



Please note, that you can either have 1 pony between them or 1 pony per child, per share. If they are sharing, they can split their riding time to 30 minutes each.

Jack the mini shetland

Is the smallest pony in the yard but maybe the most cheeky.

Great pony for little people.

Nicknames - Jack jack


Likes the slower things in life having been a top pony club games pony in his younger days.

Great confidence giving pony.

Nicknames - Spod, Spidey


Is an older pony that has been there and done it and is still happy to give her best shot at everything. She loves a good head scratch.

Nicknames - Sass

Jack the mini shetland

Is the smallest pony in the yard but maybe the most cheeky.

Great pony for little people.

Nicknames - Jack jack


Likes the slower things in life having been a top pony club games pony in his younger days.

Great confidence giving pony.

Nicknames - Spod, Spidey

Petal is a very unusual colour has lots of spots which are shaped like petals and makes her look super cute. She loves fuss and attention from adults and children. Her best pony friend is Orchid and they love to do things together.

Nicknames - Princess Petal, Pet pet

Orchid Orchid is a very pretty pony has won lots of prizes. She has a beautiful long mane and tail which she loves to have brushed and plaited. Her best friend is Petal and they love to hang out together. Nicknames - Porky

Nicknames - Mr Snowman


Both options require one or both parents to attend with their child.  Due to Health and Safety Laws, any child under the age of 16 years are not permitted to be on the premises without an adult at all times. 

Please be aware that by ‘families’ we are referring to one child and either one or both parents only per share. Babies in arms is acceptable, however any prams or buggies will need to be left by the office.


Joining Fee                                                £30.00 (Non Refundable)

Initial 30 minute assessment lesson             £35.00

(Bespoke experienced sharing only)

Supervised Sharing                                    £280.00 (Monthly)
                                                                £810.00 for 3 months
                                                                £1590.00 for 6 months
                                                                £3120.00 for 12 months

Bespoke Sharing                                        To be agreed

If you require any information regarding Share a Pony at Kingston Riding Centre please call the Centre on 020 8546 6361


You would need to have a Public Liability Insurance Policy in place to cover yourselves when handling and leading the pony.

Kingston Riding Centre would be responsible for all costs regarding the pony.  However, if the pony sustains an injury as a direct result of the sharers actions, then the veterinary fees would need to be paid for by the sharer.

Our Ponies

Here at KRC, we have a selection of our own and privately owned ponies available for sharing.  Each pony offers their own individual personalities and abilities so we will make sure that your child is offered the perfect match.

All our ponies are very much loved and they enjoy being taken care of and fussed as much as possible!

If your share pony is out of work for any reason, you will be offered a replacement pony.  Any sharing slots you cannot make can be made up at a convenient time where possible.


Supervised Sharing Sessions Availability

Saturdays and Sundays

Ages 2.5 – 5 years                  9.30am – 11.00am

Ages 6 -8 years                      2.00pm – 3.30pm


Supervised Sibling Sharing Sessions

Sundays Only

All ages and abilities                 11am - 12.30 pm


Bespoke Sharing

To be agreed


Equipment Needed

Own hat that complies with BHS Standards – Check the BHS website for the current safety Kitemarks.

For footwear wellies with a heel would be best.


Next Steps

If you have not yet registered with us please do so by using this link:

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact Nicky, our KRC Manager, by email or on 0208 546 6361, Tues – Sat, 9.30am – 3.30pm.


Please get in touch with us on 0208 6361 or 07985 717250 (please do leave a message or drop a text if no answer and we will call you straight back).  You can also email us at Kingston.r.c@btconnect and we can talk you through our fantastic scheme.


Please note, we only have a limited selection of ponies for share, so don’t delay and speak with us today…our ponies and staff can’t wait to meet you!